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My journey started just like any other and that is with a passion for animals! Everything started with a kitten one Christmas Eve long ago and eventually spread into everything from reptiles to small animals and now equines. Currently our residents include two horses, a dog, two indoor cats, two rabbits, chickens and ducks. Our four legged friends have taught us so much over their lifetime ranging from how love can be unconditional and can help us heal to how important nutrition and environment is to their overall health and well-being. They deserve the best from us for what they have given to us without hesitation and without demanding anything in return.

I strive to offer the best care and information we can for your four legged friends. Please use all information offered with care as it is for educational, referential and in some cases entertainment purposes. Please do additional research and consult with the correct professionals before deciding on care or treatment for yourself or your animals. I have tried to cover all bases with the information I offer by covering both conventional and holistic options.

Equine Dentistry became a service I offer back in 2012 and it quickly became a huge passion. Dental care is a very important piece of your horse(s) health care needs. Horses should have a minimum of a yearly checkup and maintenance float. Horses under 5 and over 25 should be checked twice a year if possible. This will help with the development of permanent teeth for the younger horse and discovering any loose or broken teeth in the older horse.

I also have listings of different Rescues and Sanctuaries that can always use help with donations, supplies, volunteers and great adopters to give their animals the best care and homes possible. Don’t Shop – Adopt! If you can’t adopt, volunteer or donate – please spread the word about the great organizations you come across! Getting the word out there is just as valuable as any other donation. This is another area we need to insist on research! Make sure your money and heart go to the right place and that they will do the most for the animals you want to help.

Please remember this site is always updating, learning and growing – So Please Check Back Often!!

I LOVE suggestions, thinking outside the box or being told if we have forgotten something, so please let us know if there is something we should check out and add to the site.  

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The Residents of Sweet Retreat Farm